Six of the Best: Passenger rides

We take a look at the best videos of people getting treated to some extreme rides.
Six of the Best Passenger rides Alex Yoong two-seater Minardi
Six of the best: Passenger rides © DPPI
By Greg Stuart

1) Riccardo Patrese vs Mrs Patrese

Riccardo Patrese is a brave man. Not only did the Italian driver tame some of the most extreme Formula One cars ever made during the sport’s mad 1,500bhp turbocharged days back in the 1980s. He also kept his foot in when taking his wife for a spin around the Jerez circuit in Spain in a Honda Civic Type R, risking divorce, a savage beating and a couple of nights spent sleeping next to Fido, all in the name of teasing his long-suffering inamorata. Patrese’s enigmatic smile shows that at least he’s having a good time.

© Glenn Dunbar/DPPI

2) Augusto Farfus vs Mrs Farfus

Brazilian DTM driver Augusto Farfus has driven many, many laps of the Nordschleife track at the Nurburgring. This doesn’t seem to reassure his wife Liri, who holds on for dear life as her husband pushes the limits of his BMW M3 road car. Strangely, telling his wife that he’s driving very slowly doesn’t seem to reassure her either.


3) Nico Rosberg vs David Coulthard

It’s one thing to have someone in the passenger seat who doesn’t know anything about racing. But when you’ve got David Coulthard, a 13-time grand prix winner, riding shotgun, you better make sure you’re driving at your best. Or if you’re Nico Rosberg, simply get behind the wheel of a 571bhp Mercedes SLS and give it hell on a track that you’ve never driven before as a Scotsman cowers next to you.

© Daimler AG

4) Damon Hill vs TV presenter

It must have been a bit of result for this British motoring show to get 1996 Formula One world champion Damon Hill to test a bunch of cars for them and give his expert opinion. Imagine the director’s annoyance, then, when his presenter has to halt filming to barf out of the side of the car as a bemused Hill looks on.

5) Sebastien Loeb vs the French Air Force

Sebastien Loeb has spent 13 seasons driving around co-driver Daniel Elena in the World Rally Championship. But the tables were turned when French motoring show Turbo filmed the nine-time world rally champion getting a passenger ride of his own – in a Mirage 2000 fighter jet! And it seems Monsieur Loeb prefers to be in control of his vehicle rather than in the passenger seat. At one point he tells the pilot “Je vais tomber dans les pommes” – literally “I’m going to fall in the apples”, a charming French expression meaning ‘I’m going to faint’.

© Flavien Duhamel/Red Bull Content Pool

6) Martin Brundle vs Murray Walker

Legendary British commentator Murray Walker spent 50 years commentating on motorsport without ever setting foot in an F1 car. That all changed in 1998 when Walker’s co-commentator Martin Brundle, an F1 veteran who had retired from the sport two years before, took the then 75-year-old out in McLaren’s two-seater Formula One car around Silverstone. “I’m super impressed that he would even dream of going in it, let alone relish and look forward to the opportunity,” said an admiring Brundle afterwards.

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