In Case You Missed It: Epic Highside Crash Save

JD Beach talks about his incredible save at New Jersey Motorsports Park earlier this year.
By Eric Wright

Crashing sucks. It is a universal truth. Any racer can attest to the feeling of disappointment and anxiety when you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are about to crash. So, when a racer miraculously manages to pull himself out of the tight grasp of a wreck, it is always a moment of pure ecstasy.

Case in point, JD Beach. This year at New Jersey Motorsports Park, the AMA SportBike racer high-sided exiting a turn after getting a little too generous with the throttle, and sent his body flying over the bike to land on the side. JD simply side-saddled his Yamaha, and just like that he was back in the race. They say cats have nine lives, and apparently so does JD.

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