Lolo Jones Experiences Life Upside-Down at 200 mph

The versatile athlete straps in for a ride that has her happy to get her feet back on the ground.
The face of pure excitement...
By Eli Moore

Lolo Jones is one of the fastest women in the world. A multi-sport athlete, she has seen her share of serious, high-pressure competition. But even Jones can be pushed out of her comfort zone by hopping in the cockpit of Kirby Chambliss’ Corvus 540 aerobatics plane for a jaunt around the skies. An accomplished aerobatic pilot, Chambliss put Jones through the ringer and gave her a taste of what 200+ mph and upward of 10 G's really feels like.

Between her screams and cringes, Jones took the experience of the world’s fastest motorsport in stride (something she is pretty good at, what with being a 100-meter hurdler and all). It is safe to say, however, that we will not see her in a plane at the final two rounds of the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas, and Las Vegas.

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