How Was the Snowmobile Double Backflip Done?

We follow Daniel Bodin on his emotional two-year journey from trial and defeat to glory.
By Marion Schmitz

Even after Travis Pastrana had landed his FMX double flip, doing the same trick on a snowmobile seemed unrealistic. Too heavy, too much bulk.

Even when Levi LaVallee attempted a snowmobile double backflip at the X Games in 2009, Daniel Bodin says it still felt dangerous and reckless to him.

You don’t learn a trick like this — you have to commit to doing it…

Daniel Bodin

But in 2012, Justin Hoyer made another attempt, one that felt safer and more sensible — and in Daniel Bodin, a plan started to grow.

More than two years in planning and preparation, this video accompanies Bodin from first trials through emotional setbacks, from concept to nerve-racking attempts to the final moment of elation, having mastered a world-first trick.

Follow behind the scenes of Daniel Bodin's personal journey of defeat, doubt and glory in the video above.

See more photos of the last hot phase of the attempts in the gallery below:

It doesn’t matter if I’m 95 years old and I don’t remember my name, I will still remember I did a double backflip.

Daniel Bodin

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