Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals 2013 Preview

Four Color Zack at Red Bull Thre3Style Qualifiers
© Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Media House

We're down to six of the best DJs in the United States. Let's meet them...

In a few short days, six of the best party DJs in the United States will battle it out at the Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals. The action will take place at Lure in Los Angeles. Red Bull Thre3Style's three celeb judges -- A-Trak, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Z-Trip -- will make the call to see which of the following six DJs will advance to the World Finals later this year.

DJ A-Rock
DJ A-Rock at Red Bull Thre3Style© Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House

DJ A-Rock

Regional Qualifier: Miami

What got him to the Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals: Light dance floor and disco. Think George Benson’s ‘Turn Your Love Around.’ During regionals, A-Rock slowed the pace down in the middle of the set with ‘I’ve Got Five On It’ by Luniz and ‘It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop’ by Dead Prez before exploding into ‘Sabotage’ by The Beastie Boys.

Other key tracks: Daft Punk's 'One More Time' and Lil' John's 'Get Outta Your Mind.'

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DJ Donnie Dee
DJ Donnie Dee at Red Bull Thre3Style© Rick Rodney/Red Bull Media House

DJ Donnie Dee

Regional Qualifier: Dallas

What got him to the Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals: At the start of his regional set, DJ Donnie Dee asked, "Do you want to hear new shit or do you want to hear old shit?" His answer was obvious: Not much in his set broke the 1990s. But that's not surprising coming from a man whose first record was Masta Ace's 'Slaughtahouse.'

Other key tracks: 'Fantastic Voyage' by Coolio.

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DJ Konflikt
DJ Konflikt at Red Bull Thre3Style© Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House


Regional Qualifier: Miami

What got him to the Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals: Catering to the crowd is one secret to rocking a club, and Konflikt gave the crowd in Miami a heavy dose of Miami, though he began his set with ‘Cold As Ice' by Foreigner. From there, he kept the rock going with 'Sweet Child of Mine' and Coldplay, before mashing 'Clocks' up with 'I'm In Miami, Bitch' by LMFAO. From there, it was mostly hip-hop. It’ll be interesting to see if Konflikt stays with the Miami tip in Los Angeles or goes Hollywood.

Other key tracks: 'Don't Stop The Party' by Pitbull and 'Faded' by Tyga.

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DJ PHSH at Red Bull Thre3Style© Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Media House


Regional Qualifier: Philadelphia

What got him to the Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals: DJ PHSH says that growing up in West Philly really shaped his style, “and b-boying in high school. I really fell in love with breaks and samples and dancing.” His regional-winning set reflected that with a series of break beats, mixed with early Jackson Five, developing into a dose of 1960s surf, some trap and rock before melting the set into dubstep, closing with ‘Don’t Like’ by Kanye West. “It was good music all around and that stuff hits hard,” said PHSH after the set.

Other key tracks: 'Rock The Casbah' by The Clash and 'Seven Nation Army' by White Stripes.

Listen to DJ PHSH on Mixcloud.


DJ Scene in Red Bull Thre3Style
DJ Scene© Garth Milan/Red Bull Media House

DJ Scene

Regional Qualifier: Seattle

What got him to the Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals: DJ Scene rode an eclectic mix to the US finals, starting with Heavy D's ‘Now That We’ve Found Love.’ A few minutes later, it was Nirvana mashed up with ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ by Damian Marley and then the refrain "Falling, falling, falling, falling,” from ‘1901’ by Phoenix. Cameos by ‘Rock The Casbah’ by the Clash and ‘They Reminisce Over You’ by Pete Rock and CL Smooth came next, before hitting ‘Been Caught Stealing’ by Jane’s Addiction.

Other key tracks: 'My Cheri Amour' by Stevie Wonder.

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DJ Trentino
DJ Trentino at Red Bull Thre3Style© Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Media House


Regional Qualifier: Chicago

What got him to Red Bull Thre3Style US Finals: Lots of arena dance anthems. He began his set in the regionals with ‘I’ve Got So Much Love to Give’ by Fedde Le Grand, 'I Need You Love' by Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding and ‘What Is Love?’, before moving into Jack Beats' ‘UFO (K-Hole Riddim)' and Big & Rich's ‘Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).’ Trentino ended his set with hip-hop: Nas’s ‘What I Wanna Be,' ‘The Motto,’ by Lil Wayne and ‘Stupid Hoe’ by Nicki Minaj.

Other key tracks: 'Mass Appeal' by Gang Starr.

Listen to Trentino on Mixcloud.

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