Top 10 Odd Future Songs

It's going to be a big year for the rap collective, so here's a cheat sheet of our fave OF tracks.
Odd Future
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By Elliott Sharp

Odd Future is about to make some noise. Are you ready? The Wolf Gang's strongest rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, has dropped two promising tracks ― the introspective 'Chum' and the raging 'Woah' ― from an upcoming album, 'Doris,' that's due out this year. There are rumors that MellowHype, which recently hit the Red Bull Studio LA with Trash Talk, has a new album or mixtape on the horizon. And Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator's new album, 'Wolf,' drops April 2. In anticipation of all the Odd Future madness coming in the next few months, we put together a list of our 10 favorite OFWGKTA songs.

Odd Future - 'Rella'

A hyper-aggressive but playful tune featuring verses by Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Tyler. It's hard to say who has the best line here, but we vote for this one by Domo: “How you steal our swag and figure you still yourself?” Think about it.

Mike G - 'Forest Green'

A solid boast track on a rumbling but laid back beat by the under-celebrated Mike G. 'Forest Green' was supposed to appear on his 'Gold' mixtape, but later popped up on '12 Odd Future Songs' and 'The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2.' So good it was used twice.

Tyler, the Creator - 'She'

When it comes to crafting memorable hooks, Frank Ocean's skills surpasses those held by the rest of the Odd Future family. On this creepy love track from Tyler's 'Goblin,' Frank nails the chorus while Tyler forgets about his broken heart by letting the darker side of his imagination run wild.

Earlwolf - 'Orange Juice'

Earl Sweatshit and Tyler tag team a simple but effective piano-led beat. Earl starts by setting the record straight: “So I'm guessing there's questions that need addressing, huh? / Like how we fresh in our adolescence and wreckin' 'em.” And then Tyler nonsensically name drops Taylor Swift, Christopher Robins, Freddy Kruger, Rihanna, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jim Carrey.

Domo Genesis - 'Rolling Papers'

Tyler joins Domo on this title track from the latter's 2010 album. It's an ode to smoking pot over a warm, sparkly, smooth beat. Tyler gets cottonmouth, and Domo brags about the ceaseless attention he gets from record label execs and how he'll never stop being ignorant.

MellowHype - '64'

This first single from 'BlackenedWhite,' the third album by MellowHype (the duo project of rapper Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain) sounds like a classic Nintendo video game set in Transylvania. And Hodgy's raps are equally horrific, as he spits about decomposing bodies and some things that will probably upset most Christians.

Earl Sweatshirt - 'Earl'

Most will agree this is the best song by an Odd Future member. It shows Earl before he vanished to Samoa rapping his brains out about apple sauce, caskets and eating dead bodies. In the video, they all drink some strange potion that makes them wild-out until their hair falls out and their fingernails fall off and they die. Bummer.

Tyler, the Creator - 'Yonkers'

The video in which Tyler eats a worm, pukes up a worm and hangs himself is the one that threw Odd Future into the national spotlight. “Yonkers” is the second single from his album 'Goblin,' and it is one of his most tense, violent and schizophrenic performances.

Frank Ocean - 'Novacane'

Frank has so many great songs it's hard to choose one. But “Novacane,” from his 'nostalgia, ULTRA' tape, is his strongest. He manages to tell a compelling story that's also totally bizarre, as he falls in love with a dental student who gets high on novacane and strips to pay for school.

Odd Future – 'Oldie'

The gang's all here for 'Oldie,' a stellar posse cut from 'The OF Tape Vol. 2.' Even Frank Ocean raps, and it was the first Earl appearance in a minute. The clip shows the gang goofing off at the photographer Terry Richardson's studio. Would you invite the Wolf Gang over to your place? (If so, it's probably a good idea to hide the breakables and the sandwiches.)

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