A-Trak's Crazy 4-Minute Domino-Effect Video

The video for A-Trak and Tommy Trash's 'Tuna Melt' is one long domino-effect kinetic sculpture.
By redbull.com

Falling dominoes will never get old, especially when it's taken to the mind-warping extent in A-Trak and Tommy Trash's video for 'Tuna Melt,' directed by Ryan Staake. The dominoes and kinetic sculptures were the work of Kinetic King (a.k.a. Tim Fort, a former contestant on 'America's Got Talent.') In addition to dominoes, the video unleashes pool balls, stick bombs, a paper airplane and toast, among lots of other things, through a two-story house. Needless to say, it all unfolds with the accompaniment of a groovin' soundtrack. You can watch the behind-the-scenes of the making of the video below.

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