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The Top 5 Best Chance the Rapper Songs

Listen to the top five songs from the Chicago emcee, Chance the Rapper.

Chance performing at Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 120 Hours in Austin
Chance the Rapper at Red Bull Sound Select Austin© Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Media House

It's been a minute since a mixtape release has garnered as much hype as Chance the Rappers' latest 'Acid Rap.' In the same week that Grammy-nominated artist J.Cole dropped his mixtape, Chance stole the spotlight with raves in Pitchfork and The Los Angeles Times. With two mixtapes under his belt, the future looks bright for the young Chicago rapper. Here are his five best songs.

5. NaNa

This is your brain on acid -- and 'shrooms. And maybe a Kit-Kat?

4. Cocoa Butter Kisses

Chance the Rapper, again, longing here for the old days and those "cocoa butter kisses" from his mama. "And I wanna get a hug, and I can't cause I'm stanking / Never too old for a spanking." How old is he again?

3. Favorite Song

This Childish Gambino-assisted track is probably the first song in history to reference the Rascal Flatts and Harlem Shake. But when you're 'bout that jam, you're 'bout that jam.

2. Nostalgia

As the title says, this is Chance reminiscing over his youth: "And Sponge Bob came around 'bout four / And then I’d hang with Bart’s guys / Around the bend was Smart Guy / Flipping through the picture books / Checking through my archives."

1. Chain Smoker

Chance describes himself in this song -- as a "brain broken, Frank Ocean listening, stain hitting, satin woodgrain gripping, paint dripping motha, shut your mouth."

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