Stream the New Justice Album 'Access All Arenas'

The French electronic music duo's live album, 'Access All Arenas,' will make you wanna D.A.N.C.E.
© Justin Borucki/Red Bull Media House
By Elliott Sharp

Dance music's all about being there – the sweat, the frenzy, the other bodies, the bass. This is why we don't see many electronic dance artists releasing live albums. After a not-so-memorable attempt at doing just that with 2008's 'A Cross the Universe' ― because all the grit and vigor was missing ― arena-dance kings Justice just released a new live album titled 'Access All Arenas.' And this time they got it right. It bangs. Hard. The sounds of the crowd ― cheers, screams, claps, howls ― keep the momentum reckless, as Justice kicks out the jams, including classic cuts like 'D.A.N.C.E.' It's a crazy ride.

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