On the Red Bull Tour Bus with Marina Gallardo

Heading to Primavera Sound, we talk to the Spanish musician about furry friends and favourite bands.
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By Chris Parkin

The Red Bull Tour Bus is pulling up at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona again this weekend, giving some lesser-known talents the chance to test their own well-honed sounds against heavyweights such as My Bloody Valentine, The Knife, Hot Chip, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, and many more. We spoke to Marina Gallardo, one of the star turns set to upstage a few famous names when she takes to the Red Bull Tour Bus stage.

Introduce yourself...
Hello! I'm Marina Gallardo. We come from Andalusia, Spain – mainly from Cadiz and Seville. We're currently plugging our new third album, This is the Sound.

For anyone yet to hear a note of your music, tell us how it sounds...
It's a little complicated. I make personal songs with different kinds of moods and styles. This is why I always say I make “indie", in reference to the freedom I have when making music. It's all about songs, but very different ones. Like Serge Gainsbourg. He experimented with all kinds of genres and styles, and yet he still sounded like only he could. I'd say my music is entrancing, obsessive, emotional, with a very special weight in the voice. It can be dark, bright, powerful, psychedelic, grunge – but all with a front woman with a very bright band behind her. I'm certainly not just a singer-songwriter playing acoustic guitar.

© www.marinagallardo.com

Who’s the furry chap in your pop videos?
He’s a very special friend. We live together, have breakfast, enjoy bed… He's a good lover. He really enjoys my new album and he asked me to show him how to play my songs. He tried, but he’s just the worst player I’ve ever seen. He is very sensitive, though.

Tell us about your fellow travellers on the Spanish Red Bull Tour Bus.
Ocello make pretty, psychotropic music. Santa Rita are more grungy, so very ’90s. Muy Fellini follow a Spanish pop – and 1960s – path. There’s also Kokoshca, with their surf-punk, and dirty garage rockers Sultan Bathery.

How important is something like Red Bull Tour Bus for new bands?
I think it’s a really great way to show off and support new music, especially around an important festival like Primavera Sound.

Marina will be catching Kurt Vile and The Violators at Primavera Sound.
Kurt Vile

When you’re finally unleashed from the Red Bull Tour Bus stage, who are you most looking forward to seeing at Primavera Sound?
Kurt Vile
, definitely. I saw him when I played at Primavera Sound last time, in 2011, and I'm really engaged with his music. He's presenting a very pretty new album so I'm really excited. There’s also Woods and, of course, The Breeders performing their famous Last Splash record – an album that’s been an important part of my life since I was a teenager. Also Dead Skeletons, who make a kind of psychedelic mantra music, and Deerhunter too. We also want to see classic bands like Blur and My Bloody Valentine.

Learn more about Spain’s Red Bull Tour Bus. After Primavera Sound it will stop at Sonisphere in Madrid (May 31) and Barcelona (June 1).

Dead Skeletons are set to hit the Primavera Sound stage.
Dead Skeletons
Primavera Sound
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