Top 5 Best Skrillex Remixes

Skrillex has made a habit of taking dance anthems and turning them on their side. Here are his best.
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Skrillex is on a mission to prove that even the most beautfiul melody could do with a little saw bass and drop. In addition to his library of singles, the dubstep artist has flipped a number of tracks big and small to unleash their hidden wobble. Here are our five faves.

Benny Benassi - 'Cinema' (feat Gary Go)

This old school house-meets-cutting edge dubstep track was one of a handful that defined 2011 -- at least that's what Grammy voters thought in awarding Skrillex with Best Remixed Recording Non-Classical -- very non-classical.

Nero - 'Promises'

With the original version already packed with drive, bass and thump, what could Skrillex really add? A lot.

La Roux - 'In For The Kill'

Skrillex takes a pretty straight-forward electro-pop song and turns it into an EDM opera, with a little Daft Punk-ish vocoder action thrown in at the beginning and end. Pretty epic.

Birdy Nam Nam - 'Goin In'

Birdy Nam Nam essentially owes their international success to Skrillex, who remixed their track 'Goin In' not once, not twice, not thrice, not... what's after thrice? Nevermind. Skrillex remixed this track five times. It's worth a listen. Again.

Lady Gaga - 'Bad Romance'

Before 'Bangarang,' before anyone knew his name was Skrillex, there was Lady Gaga. This was one of several remixes that Skrillex made in 2009 that introduced him to a bigger stage. Consider it an oldie.

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