?uestlove Says New D'Angelo Album to Drop in 2013

The Roots drummer talks about the soul artist's highly anticipated new album.
?uestlove at Red Bull Music Academy
?uestlove © Christelle de Castro/Red Bull Media House
By Elliott Sharp

During a Q&A at Red Bull Music Academy recently, ?uestlove was asked about his experiences working with R&B artist D'Angelo. In his response, The Roots' drummer and bandleader shared some news about D'Angelo's new album, the insanely-anticipated and mysterious follow-up to 2000's 'Voodoo.'

“Ten songs are now mastered,” said ?uestlove. “I know for a fact there's only one song left to be mastered on that record, so it's definitely a fourth quarter release for that record… It has taken 11 years to make, but the amazing thing about it is that it still sounds like it came out tomorrow. ”

It's gonna throw people for a loop. For those that were confused when 'Voodoo' came out compared to 'Brown Sugar,' this is gonna make 'Voodoo' sound normal.

About the instructions D'Angelo gave him regarding the drum sound he wanted for the new album, ?uestlove said: “[D'Angelo's] rule for this album was that you gotta do the complete opposite of what you did on the 'Voodoo' album. I was trying to think of new ways to drum that I've never done before; a lot of the drums I'm doing now are tribal.”

?uestlove also says that the new album is “a true funk record,” and that it's an overall radical departure from 'Voodoo.'

“It's gonna throw people for a loop,” he says. “For those that were confused when 'Voodoo' came out compared to 'Brown Sugar,' this is gonna make 'Voodoo' sound normal... This album is very different, but in a great way.”

While giving a live demonstration of the drum sound he tried to create for the album, ?uestlove almost leaked the title.

“I can't say what the title is," he said, catching himself at the last minute. "It's not 'James River.'”

Check back Wednesday for the full video of ?uestlove's Red Bull Music Academy interview.

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