Day Off: Mystery Skulls

The Los Angeles electronic music artist recounts a memorable day at Hershey Park.
Mystery Skulls at Red Bull Sound Select Presents LA
Mystery Skulls © Erik Voake/Red Bull Media House
By Elliott Sharp

Bands work hard. They rarely have a day off, especially on the road. So when they do, they have to make it count. We spoke with Luis Dubic, a.k.a. Mystery Skulls, who recently signed to Warner Bros., about one of his days off.

“I had a memorable day off one time in Hershey, Pennsylvania," Dubic said. "Maybe that doesn't sound too exciting, but it's the town of Hershey chocolate, and they have this Hershey factory where you can go eat free chocolate, and they have this Hershey-themed amusement park. It's awesome.

“The day was filled with too much sugar and bad decisions," he added. "It was pretty wild. It really was like a totally psychedelic experience — it was crazy... I don't really remember the names of the rides — I was too fucked up to remember much. I just know that place is cool. It was a ridiculous day.”

For more on Mystery Skulls check out Red Bull Sound Select and his Tumblr, where he's been known to drop demos, accompanied by seemingly random videos and GIFs.

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