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Frontwoman Samantha Frances talks about her sources of inspiration outside of music.
Frances and the Foundation
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By Elliott Sharp

Musicians find inspiration in artists, artforms and works of art outside of music. We asked Samantha Frances of Nashville's Frances & the Foundation to tell us about some of those things that have inspired her.

Salvador Dali

“I love so much of his art. He has this oil painting with a human figure arching itself into the air, and there's an ocean landscape behind it. It's actually a very empty landscape, and there's not much going on in it, which is rare for Dalí. It's really inspiring. The human's head is in its chest, and the body's contorted in a weird way. The cool thing about some of his paintings is that they have so many dimensions. If you're standing 10 feet away, you see one thing, but if you're standing two feet away, you see something else. That's really cool.”

Belly Dancing

"I love Zoe Jakes, who toured with Beats Antique. She's the best belly dancer out there, in my opinion. I did tribal belly dancing for a few years, but I had to stop because it conflicted with making music. It's a beautiful form of art, and I love it. I love dance in general, but this particular style of dance is really inspiring."


“I have lots of tattoos. I love that there are tattoo artists making real pieces of art nowadays. I love the subculture, too. My favorite tattoo is a gypsy elephant I have on my left shoulder. I love elephants — the way they look and move is beatiful, and they're really loyal, loving and family-oriented. And for how big they are, they're very graceful. When people ask me about the tattoo, I tell them that's what I would look like if I was an animal.”

The Celestine Prophecy

"This is a book by James Redfield. I go back and read it a lot. I don't normally do that, but I've probably read this one five times. I always find something new in it. I read it the first time when I was 18, and I'd just moved to a new city and was exploring who I was and trying to figure out what the hell I was gonna do with my life. It's the kind of book I can read if I'm in a moment in my life when I want to find new insight into myself. It's like a centering thing for me. I don't even have a copy now, because every time I buy it and read it, I give it to someone else to read, too."

Slam Poetry

“There are a lot of poets around the country that are really great artists. Slam poetry and spoken-word fuses with hip-hop culture, but it's its own thing. It's an interesting way to express yourself, and it's a great mode of performance. It's something I could never do, though, because my natural way of expression is music. The people who do are amazing, and are able to capture a feeling or an idea or an experience from their life in such a profound way. That's what I try to do with music.”

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