Watch DIIV Practice New Song 'Dust'

The Brooklyn band rocks out in a cramped rehearsal space.
By Elliott Sharp

When we spoke with DIIV frontman Z. Cole Smith a few weeks ago before the band headlined a Red Bull Sound Select show in Los Angeles, he said he'd had no time to work on new songs because the band had been on the road practically nonstop since releasing 'Oshin' last year. But he also said he had about 40 new songs that were works-in-progress.

Today, via Tumblr, DIIV shared video from a recent band rehearsal where they play a new song called 'Dust.' The sound booms around inside the small room as Smith's gorgeous guitar phrase slashes into a squealing lead wail. The song has a dark vibe ― the chorus repeats “You fall” several times ― but the music's bright and warm, and it concludes with a burning, joyous guitar solo.

Here's what Smith said last month when we asked him to compare 'Oshin' with the band's new material: “The songs are coming from a weird place ― my life for the past year. That's where these songs are coming from, and it's been really fucking weird. They're more lyric and vocal based, and a bit more complex. On the first record, the songs couldn't be more simple. The new songs aren't gonna alienate our listeners, but they will require more attention and more concentration.”

There's still no word on when DIIV's next album will be released. But 'Dust' is a great sign of what lies ahead.

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