Listen: Darkside Remixes New Daft Punk Album

The disco ball of 'Random Access Memories' has been cracked open to reveal darker vibes.
Nicolas Jaar at Movement
Nicolas Jaar at Movement © Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

Darkside, the collaborative project of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, have remixed the new Daft Punk album, 'Random Access Memories,' in its entirety. As you might guess, Darkside's versions reveal a much darker side of the Daft Punk originals. Or, as Jaar and Harrington are calling it, a 'Daftside.'

The especially cheerful, poppy, and sunshine-y vibe of 'Random Access Memories' is gone. Amidst the shattering noise and heinous static, however, the ghost of Daft Punk's optimism still staggers. But only in a deconstructed, diminished, darker form. Now the tunes are soaked in digital dread, with strange creatures crawling out of the cracked disco ball. It's all quite beautiful.

In March, Jaar performed as part of a Red Bull Music Academy Takeover of the Boiler Room in New York City. Also, check out a Fireside Chat with Jaar over at RBMA Radio.

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