New Album in the Works for Angels and Airwaves?

A few recent Twitter posts suggest Angels and Airwaves are back in the studio for new album work.
By Richard S. Chang

We last heard from Angels and Airwaves in 2011, when they released the album 'Love: Part Two,' but the band is apparently back in the studio working out some new material, according to a series of tweets from frontman Tom DeLonge and a recent interview with drummer Ilan Rubin.

"Earlier this year I was writing with Tom on some new Angels stuff," Rubin told Loudwire. "It was very casual, but I would say we got about seven-eight songs pretty done. So whenever I have the time, and he's busy with his own things as well, but whenever we can get together I'm sure we'll keep adding to that and sooner or later we will have an album's worth of material. So that's it's own thing."

On June 20, the official Angels and Airwaves Twitter feed showed a photo of DeLonge in the studio with the caption: "Summer Studio Session!" So things seem to be afoot for the alt-rock supergroup.

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