Disclosure: Sibling Revelry

One of the brothers behind 'Settle,' Guy Lawrence, talks epiphanies, collaborations and touring.
Disclosure perform during the Red Bull Studios presents Disclosure Warehouse Party at Great Suffolk Street Car Park in London.
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By Chris Parkin

Unless you’ve been living in an underwater crevice beneath an icecap somewhere, you’ll be familiar with the bouncy, vocal-accompanied house music purveyed by young Surrey duo Disclosure.

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence’s debut album, 'Settle,' went straight to number one in the UK album charts a few weeks ago, and now they’re poised to take the US by storm this summer. Before they get even bigger, we had a quick chat with Guy.

If you could get away from all those deep house and garage comparisons what would you call your music?

Bloody great.

How did you discover dance music? It was your parents, wasn't it?

Our parents got us into playing instruments from a young age but didn't get us into the dance or electronic side of things. That all happened once I started going to clubs and watching DJs, listening to dubstep and artists like Burial and Joy Orbison. Once I found them, I showed Howard and we both just wanted to learn how to produce and make music like they did.

[W]e never planned to do this, it just kind of happened when we started messing around on our laptops at home.

Did you have a musical epiphany that told you, “Yes, this is the job for us”?

When our song 'Latch' got to number 11 in the UK, we realized that we could actually have a shot at getting – in our opinion, anyway – well-written, credible, nice house music back into the charts.

How did you choose your vocalists? On singing ability alone or for their willingness to have a giggle in the studio?

Mainly singing and songwriting. We work very closely with the vocalists when writing lyrics so that they believe in what they’re singing about.

Are there any particular vocal house tracks you aspire to?

'Rain' by Kerri Chandler, 'Too Long' by Daft Punk, 'Been a Long Time' by The Fog, and 'Gypsy Woman; by Crystal Waters.

Is there one song you wish you could’ve written?

'Deep Burnt' by Pépé Bradock.

Have you always made music together? Or did you once fight over the Fisher Price keyboard?

I reckon we probably did, you know! But to be honest, we never planned to do this, it just kind of happened when we started messing around on our laptops at home.

What do you make of producer Todd Edwards paying tribute to you?

It’s one of the greatest compliments a producer can get. We’re so delighted to be compared to the likes of Todd, and to hear him play our stuff is insane.

What’s coming up in the immediate future? There are rumors of another album…

Touring, touring, touring… and more touring. We haven't even heard those rumors, by the way!

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