Metric in the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ

Singer Emily Haines led the band through a tight set and dispensed a cure for operating on no sleep.
Metric in the Red Bull Sound Space © Faith-Ann Young/Red Bull Content Pool
By Nicole Pajer

Rolling up for their 11:45 a.m. set, Metric jumped onto the Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ stage and instantly dove into performance mode. Lead singer Emily Haines smiled behind oversized sparkly gold sunglasses and grabbed the mic, as the band kicked off with 'Artificial Nocturne,' the opening track from the freshly released 'Synthetica.'

Metric kept things strictly business in the LA studio. They swiftly transitioned from one song to the next, with minimal small talk. They went through six tunes in total, all off the new album, which Haines deemed as “barely a week old.”

Haines admitted to going to bed past 3:00 a.m. that morning but said that her actual bedtime was “confidential.” Her advice to bands dealing with pre-noon engagements was something to take note of.

“Just pretend you have jetlag and that you exist in this whole other time dimension where it's you and your music and your band and crew," she said. "You just kind of roll in your own time continuum space.”

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