5 Clever Daft Punk Parodies That'll Make Your Day

'Random Access Memories' spawned a few spoofs. But Daft Punk parodies are not a new thing.
Daft Punk Red Bull Helmet © Josh Reitz / Red Bull Media House
By redbull.com

When Daft Punk's new album 'Random Access Memories' came out this month, everyone tabbed 'Get Lucky' as the song of the summer. In many ways, the song, which features Pharrell Williams vocals, has surpassed even that expectation. Even Wilco covered the song in a live performance -- and only sort of in jest. But it's easy to make fun of Daft Punk. After all, it's two guys wearing bright spacesuits. They're probably used to it by now, whoever they are. Here are five Daft Punk parody videos that made our day.

1. Evolution of 'Get Lucky'

If you've ever wondered what Daft Punk would sound like in 1920 -- or 1930 to the present -- look no further.

2. 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' (Minecraft Version)

Someone spent a lot of time on this one.

3. 'Get Lucky' (Shredded Version)

Wow, Pharrell sounds... amazing. And it's wonderful to see Daft Punk playing their own instruments.

4. Daft Punk x Michael Jackson Mashup

Not exactly a parody, but there are several videos of 'Get Lucky' pitched up a few notches, so that Pharrell's vocals sound like MJ. This more-produced version sounds a lot better.

5. 'Get Lucky' (Extended Version)

Forget about the official 'Get Lucky' extended remix. This 10-hour -- kind of addictive -- version of 'Get Lucky' raises a few questions. You can upload 10-hour videos to YouTube? How long did that take? Why stop at 10 hours? Unfortunately, due to rights limitations you'll have to click over to YouTube to hear this track. Regardless, if you listen to this all the way through, Daft Punk will play your house.

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