Listen: Pretty Lights Album 'Color Map of the Sun'

Pretty Lights advance streams his new album one day before its release day.
Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights © Catie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House
By Elliott Sharp

Tomorrow's the official release date of Pretty Lights' fourth full-length album, 'A Color Map of the Sun.' When we recently interviewed Derek Smith (the producer behind Pretty Lights), on a tour bus just before his set at Coachella, here's what he told us about the new record:

“Electronic music has become a situation where producers make five songs or they get to seven songs, and they put out an EP, and it’s become this world of short play albums. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to create an album that was a real, proper, consistent, cohesive, diverse record but also included all kinds of other stuff, like a documentary or a music video for literally every song. When the album drops, I’ll have a video for every song.”

Well, the videos haven't arrived, yet. But Pretty Lights is streaming 'A Color Map of the Sun' in its entirety. Beautiful, ambitious and dense, it was constructed using analog tape recordings Smith made himself, and then pressed to vinyl in order to sample.

Tomorrow, 'A Color Map of the Sun' will be available as a free download on the Pretty Lights website, and there are a few special CD and vinyl bundles now available for pre-order, too.

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