Listen: Nicolas Jaar's BBC 1 Essential Mix

After his phenomenal Daft Punk remix album, we had to revisit the 2-hour mix Jaar made last year.
Nicolas Jaar at Movement 2013
Nicolas Jaar at Movement 2013 © Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

We instantly fell in love with the full remix of Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' that Darkside – the collaborative project of producers Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington – released a few weeks ago. Here's what I wrote about the album, 'Daftside':

“Amidst the shattering noise and heinous static, however, the ghost of Daft Punk's optimism still staggers. But only in a deconstructed, diminished, darker form. Now the tunes are soaked in digital dread, with strange creatures crawling out of the cracked disco ball.”

All this big love for Darkside led us back to the hot BBC 1 Essential Mix Jarr made in 2012; it was voted by listeners as the best Essential Mix that year. He kicks the set off with some spooky 'Twin Peaks' action, and then slams into The Brothers Four. He stops along the way with Aphex Twin, Feist, Keith Jarrett, Bill Callahan, Nikita Quasim, Marvin Gaye, and keeps it going for two mesmerizing hours. Enjoy.

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