10 Best Lines From Lou Reed's 'Yeezus' Review

The controversial rocker drops some hilarious one-liners on the controversial rapper.
Kanye West
Kanye West © Christelle de Castro/Red Bull
By Elliott Sharp

Everyone's been talking about Kanye West's new album, 'Yeezus.' Now rock 'n' roll elder-statesman Lou Reed is talking about it, too. This morning on The Talkhouse, a new website where musicians write about musicians, the Velvet Underground veteran weighed in on 'Yeezus.'

Reed, who's no stranger to controversy (see his 'Metal Machine Music' album, and his recent 'Lulu' album with Metallica), has thrown down some excellent one-liners on the controversial Kanye. Here are the best ones.

10. “It works because it's beautiful ― you either like it or you don't ― there's no reason why it's beautiful.”

9. “It's all the same shit, it's all music ― that's what makes him great.”

8. “But God only knows how much he's spending wherever he is.”

7. “Well, surprise, surprise ― welcome to the real world, Kanye.”

6. “Many lyrics seem like the same old b.s.”

5. "'I Am a God' — I mean, with a song title like that, he's just begging people to attack him."

4. “He could kill Taylor Swift and it would all be over.”

3. “It's like the visuals at the end of the new Superman movie ― just overwhelmingly incredible.”

2. “Yeah, right ― your mom was a college English professor.”

1. “It's like farting.”

Be sure to read Reed's entire review of 'Yeezus.'

In related news, following a liver transplant in May, Reed visited a Long Island emergency room last weekend. He was treated for dehydration, and was released from the hospital. Get better, and stay loud, Lou!

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