Bishop Nehru's 'strictlyFLOWz' Mixtape Download

The 16-year-old rapper and Red Bull Sound Select artist drops 10 new tracks with a throwback sound.
Bishop Nehru
Bishop Nehru at Red Bull Sound Select © Tod Seelie/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

Bishop Nehru's new mixtape, 'strictlyFLOWZ,' is now live; it is available as a free download and stream over at DJ Booth. The 16-year-old New York City rapper's new tape, the follow-up to 'Nehruvia,' features 10 new tracks, including the 'Mobb Dizzle' single we shared yesterday.

Following 'Start,' an extended intro focusing on the distinction between being a “hip-hop artist” and a “rapper” ― in which Nehru, a Red Bull Sound Select artist, refers to himself as a hip-hop artist ― the rapping finally starts on 'Flow 1.' Then, on the instrumental '96 Blueprint,' Nehru refers to himself as “the 16-year-old phenom” and promises “some of the illest flows you'll every feel in your life.”

Across the mixtape, which features throwback beats by Afro Jazz and Yazu, among others, Nehru repeatedly boasts his nostalgia for the hip-hop of yore. He has nice thing to say about Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar, but he is mostly concerned with returning to the “classics" rather than claiming the future.

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