Listen to AlunaGeorge's Album 'Body Music' Now

The Disclosure-collaborating British pop duo shares its new album one week early.
AlunaGeorge from HASHTAGS
By Elliott Sharp

'Body Music,' the hotly anticipated debut album by AlunaGeorge, is out next week. The tunes we've heard so far – like 'Body Music' – have been infectious, irresistible summertime gems.

Today, AlunaGeorge has been premiering a new song from 'Body Music' on a different website each hour. It all culminates with the full stream of 'Body Music,' which is available right here right now.

'Body Music' features one bonus track: a cover of Montel Jordan's classic party jam 'This Is How We Do It.' In a recent interview, we spoke with Aluna Francis about how the song is the ultimate soundtrack to her Friday nights.

“It's about Friday night, and it’s one of the high points in our set every time we play it,” she said. “My ideal Friday night is drinks with mates at someone’s house, then go out and find a club and do as much stupid stuff as possible. Or a straightforward house party, I love house parties.”

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