Watch: Chance The Rapper's 'Everybody's Something'

The Chicago rapper unveils the new clip for a track from his 'Acid Rap' mixtape.
By Elliott Sharp

Yesterday, we advised you not to miss Chance The Rapper's performance Friday evening at Lollapalooza because the Red Bull Sound Select artist is “an intelligent, hilarious lyricist, and how he says what he says is imaginative and thrilling.

Today, Chance shares a new video for 'Everybody's Something,' one of the standout tracks from his 'Acid Rap' mixtape. Directed by Austin Vesely, who also directed Chance's 'Juice' video, it shows the young Chicagoan rapping in space and embodying the streets of his city.

The song's soulful chorus contains one of the many pieces of wisdom Chance drops on 'Acid Rap': “Everybody's somebody's everything / Nobody's nothing.” Think about it. Then live it.

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