Top 5 Best Disclosure Songs

Check out the hottest tracks by the British dance music duo.
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By Elliott Sharp

Following a few hot singles and EPs over the last few years, British dance music duo Disclosure has released one of the best albums of the year: 'Settle,' via PRM Records, is the debut full-length album by the brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence.

'Settle' shows the young producers fusing the sounds of various dance music subgenres perfectly with pop and arriving at clever, catchy results. The two also know how to pick collaborators, such as Aluna Francis (of AlunaGeorge), Sam Smith, and Eliza Doolittle, all of whom have made appearances on some of Disclosure's finest tracks.

The Lawrence Brothers are, hopefully, just at the beginning of what will be a long, successful career. After high profile gigs at Lollapalooza, Coachella and too many other festivals to name, their audience is expanding quickly. And since it is all happening so fast, we decided to compile the five best Disclosure songs. Disagree with our picks? Tell us why.

5. 'You & Me'

This third single from 'Settle' dropped in April, and went to number six on the UK Dance chart, and number 10 on the UK Singles chart. It featured vocals by UK singer Eliza Doolittle over a semi-melancholic, gloomy verse that eventually slammed into a chorus alive with fist-pumping celebration.

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4. 'Defeated No More'

This track from 'Settle' has not yet been released as a single. Maybe it never will be. But it was one of the brightest gems from the album. The triumphant vocals were provided by Ed Macfarlane, of the band Friendly Fires.

3. 'Control'

This track from 2012's 'The Face' EP featured vocals by Ria Ritchie. Though maybe not as straight-ahead pop as the 'Settle' singles, it had a delightful nervous energy, and release, and the brothers fiung around Ritchie's voice to give the track a pleasantly cloudy, drifting vibe.

2. 'Latch'

Featuring vocals by British artist Sam Smith, this lead single from 'Settle' came out in October, 2012. It hit number 11 on the UK Singles chart, and stayed in the top 40 for 15 weeks. When the chorus drops, Smith hits a sharp falsetto, as the brothers Lawrence unleash some (restrained) melodic wobbles and a ticklish beat.

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1. 'White Noise'

This single first dropped in the UK in February, but it might be the best song of the summer (and not just because it sounded eerily reminiscent of Bananarama's 80s hit 'Cruel Summer'). The song was a collaboration between Disclosure and AlunaGeorge, whose recent 'Body Music' album is another one of the better pop albums of 2013 (so far). Aluna Francis slipped brilliantly into the throbbing, snaky beat and delivered a playful, charming, crisp vocal performance. With AlunaGeorge's help, Disclosure pushed away all the static.

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