Listen: Phoenix and R. Kelly 'Trying To Be Cool'

After a surprise collaboration at Coachella, the two artists meet again in a remix.
Phoenix at Lollapalooza © Catie Laffoon/Red Bull
By Richard S. Chang

This was not unexpected. Not even before Phoenix announced they were working on something special with R. Kelly. (When the two artists appeared on stage at Coachella for a live mashup of Phoenix's '1901' and Kelly's 'Ignition,' the performance -- as odd as it looked on paper -- sounded so right.)

And now here it is: a remix of Phoenix's 'Trying To Be Cool' with Kelly coming in at the 70-second mark to "holler at the honeys, have a few laughs, take a few shots and throw a little money." As expected, it's a completely fun remix.

So this is where we're at with music in the year 2013: a French pop band connects with an R&B artist in a mid-career revival, resulting in a smooth club number -- and it still doesn't dethrone a Kendrick Lamar guest rap verse from the social media universe. Go figure.

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