Listen: Phoenix and R. Kelly 'Trying To Be Cool'

After a surprise collaboration at Coachella, the two artists meet again in a remix.

Phoenix at Lollapalooza© Catie Laffoon/Red Bull

This was not unexpected. Not even before Phoenix announced they were working on something special with R. Kelly. (When the two artists appeared on stage at Coachella for a live mashup of Phoenix's '1901' and Kelly's 'Ignition,' the performance -- as odd as it looked on paper -- sounded so right.)

And now here it is: a remix of Phoenix's 'Trying To Be Cool' with Kelly coming in at the 70-second mark to "holler at the honeys, have a few laughs, take a few shots and throw a little money." As expected, it's a completely fun remix.

So this is where we're at with music in the year 2013: a French pop band connects with an R&B artist in a mid-career revival, resulting in a smooth club number -- and it still doesn't dethrone a Kendrick Lamar guest rap verse from the social media universe. Go figure.

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