Watch: New Pie Fight Video for Disclosure Remix

Singer Zoe Kypri puts her take on the Disclosure remix of Artful Dodger's 'Please Don't Turn Me On.'
By Richard S. Chang

Yes, it's all Disclosure, all the time. Freshly plucked off of YouTube is the video for 'No I Turn You On,' a version of Disclosure's remix of the Artful Dodger song 'Please Don't Turn Me On,' only now the song features vocals by previously unknown singer Zoe Kypri. In essence, Kypri sings new lyrics over the Disclosure instrumental remix. Add a great video -- with pie-throwing! -- and here we are.

As for the Lawrence brothers, they recently finished their summer festival dates in the U.S. and are now in Europe, where they'll play the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands this weekend, followed by the Leeds Festival in two weeks.

When asked to compare U.S. and European audiences recently, Howard Lawrence told us, “We've been playing over in the US for a while and there is kind of a difference, especially in the tunes that they're into. It's a lot of trap and dubstep."

He added, "Musically and taste-wise, they're in the same place the UK was about two years ago. The UK is brilliant for house now, the Top 10 is full of house music and I think the US will be leaning to doing the same thing."

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