Top 5 Best Cure Songs

It's tough to pick five songs out of a catalog of classics, but that doesn't mean we didn't try.
The Cure
The Cure at Lollapalooza © Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool
By Richard S. Chang

The Cure is plotting a festival course through the United States, and over the next few months, they'll be hitting Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival and New Orleans for the Voodoo Festival. They recently played a two-hour show at Lollapalooza in Chicago -- and still had enough hits leftover for another two hours. So it's a tough task to pick just five best songs -- 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me' alone has five classics -- but that didn't stop us from trying.

5. 'Close To Me'

'Close To Me' originally came off the band's 1985 album 'The Head on the Door,' words that came from the song 'Clost To Me.' Confused? Don't be, at least just yet, because there's more: The band remixed 'Close To Me' with a brass section, and the remix version is the one that was released as a single and issued on their 'Greatest Hits' collection. And that's the one that everyone knows. Now you can be confused.

4. 'Lovesong'

The 1989 album 'Disintigration' was a return to the solemn, gothic sounds that the Cure first emerged with in the 1970s, before they poppified a bit for 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.' 'Lovesong,' the third single off the album, embodies that aesthetic in full. Even with its (somewhat) uplifting lyrics ("Whenever I'm alone with you / You make me feel like I am fun again") the song sounds like a downer.

3. 'Just Like Heaven'

This needs no introduction. Even if you've never heard of The Cure, you've heard 'Just Like Heaven.' It's been covered by everyone, from Dinosaur Jr. to Goldfinger to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Even though it's been around the block a few times -- and defaced by many a wedding band -- it's still a classic.

2. 'Boys Don't Cry'

At Lollapalooza in early August, Robert Smith waited till the final song of the encore to play 'Boys Don't Cry.' But it's only the pentultimate song on this list. It's also the earliest song on this list. The Cure released it in 1979, off of the album with the same name. Like 'Close To Me,' a second version of 'Boys Don't Cry' was made, in 1985.

© Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool

1. 'Pictures Of You'

The fourth single off 'Disintegration' is not the first song you think of when someone mentions The Cure. It's nowhere as catchy as Smith's later songs -- like 'Friday I'm In Love' -- but it's much lighter than his early goth material. Nevertheless, 'Pictures Of You' is recognizable from the very first notes. And I dare you to cite a more heartfelt first line than "I've been looking so long at these pictures of you that I almost believe that they're real." Yeah, right? And even despite an unfortunate turn in an HP printer ad, the song retains much of its original emotional meaning, unlike the other songs on this list, which may have delivered unseemly duty in many a '90s Halloween parties.

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