Ed Wreck: Ten years of being an Ed Banger

Ed Banger chief Pedro Winter lets loose on five formative moments in his label’s history.
Pedro Winter black and white portrait
Pedro Winter © Yulia Shadrinsky
By Florian Obkircher

Pedro Winter deserves his artist name Busy P. He’s a DJ, musician, record label owner and artist manager. Between 1996 and 2008 the Parisian looked after Daft Punk’s business and in 2003 he started his own label, Ed Banger, home to stadium-friendly electro act Justice among others.

To celebrate 10 years of Ed Banger, the label is taking over the newly opened Red Bull Studio Paris from September 18-21 to host Ed Wreck – a series of live broadcasts and performances hosted by Pedro and Patrick Thévenin. Tune in here to watch the live stream between 6-10pm every day.

To prepare us for the week ahead, Pedro reveals five pivotal moments in the label’s history.

1. The signing of Mr. Flash

“In 2003 Daft Punk were in the studio and I had time on my hands. Tomas and Guy-Manuel had already started their own labels, so I wanted my own baby. Around that time I met Mr Flash. He was looking for a manager, but I wasn't interested because I was busy managing Daft Punk, Cassius and DJ Mehdi. But his music was amazing, so I decided to start the label and our first release was his track, Radar Rider. Very few people know that the B-side is Philippe Zdar of Cassius under his moniker A Bass Day.”

Black and white group shot of the Ed Banger Records crew
Ed Banger Records © Yulia Shadrinsky

2. Meeting Justice

“In 2003 our art director, So-Me, invited me to a raclette feast at his friend’s. This friend was Gaspard Augé from Justice. Back then he and Xavier de Rosnay were graphic designers. I didn’t know them. At the end of dinner they played me one of their tracks: Never Be Alone. I loved it instantly and told the guys to come to my office the next day where we signed them. Never Be Alone was the label’s second release and became the anthem of a generation.”

3. DJ Mehdi’s album Lucky Boy

“In 2006 we released our first full album on Ed Banger. It was DJ Mehdi’s Lucky Boy and it marked the beginning of becoming a real label. It reflects perfectly what Ed Banger stands for: a hip-hop guy making electronic music with class, good taste and passion. I love the music, the sleeve, the liner notes. When we lost DJ Mehdi in 2011, I wasn’t sure how to continue the label. I had to grab my own ass and luckily I woke up and regained my energy.”

4. Cassius’ comeback

“I’ve been working with Cassius since their second album, 1999. A few years ago we all were in Scotland, Mehdi, Cassius and me. Philippe Zdar played me some drafts and one of them was I Love You So. As soon as I heard it I was like, 'Wow, we need this for Ed Banger!' A few months later we released it and it became a big hit. Even Kanye and Jay Z sampled it on Watch the Throne.”

Busy P
Busy P © Nicholas Schrunk/Red Bull Content Pool

5. The release of Rainbow Man

“With my second release, Rainbow Man [2007], I felt I brought my Busy P profile to a new level. SebastiAn helped me produce it and looking back, all my releases since then have certain things in common. They're all repetitive and hypnotic. Which leads me to our new compilation, Ed Rec Vol. X. I can understand people who say, Ed Banger is over. But I disagree. We're not a hype label, we're here to stay. So instead of returning to crazy stadium music, the compilation shows the label’s mellow, poppy side. We’re still exploring the sound of tomorrow.”

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