Juicy J Is Offering A $50,000 Twerk Scholarship

To promote his new album, 'Stay Trippy,' Juicy J will send you to college. But first...
Juicy J performs at Red Bull Sound Select in Atlanta.
Juicy J at Red Bull Sound Select Atlanta © Ian Witlen/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

Ever since the MTV Video Music Awards, which aired on Sunday night, it has been hard to avoid the word "twerk" because, during her ridiculous, over-the-top performance, Miley Cyrus twerked in the direction of Robin Thicke, the guy who sings the radio song 'Blurred Lines.' Was it offensive? It depends on who you ask. Some people think it was.

Other people do not. Diplo, for instance, is not mad. After the VMAs, he announced his goal of creating a record-breaking "twerk wall" during his performance at the Electric Zoo Festival in New York this weekend. And Kanye West is rumored to have worked with Miley on a remix for 'Black Skinhead' immediately after the VMA show. Yeezus, apparently, loves twerking.

Juicy J, the Three 6 Mafia veteran and recent Red Bull Sound Select performer, is also cool with it. On 'Scholarship,' a song featuring A$AP Rocky, from his new album, 'Stay Trippy,' Juicy asks a stripper to twerk. Then he says he enjoys the twerking so much he will give her a college scholarship. "Keep twerking, baby, might earn you a scholarship," he promises.

He was not lying: Juicy J is actually offering a really real $50,000 scholarship. The contest is for ladies only, and to win, you must submit the "best" YouTube video making a case for yourself and using the song 'Scholarship.' The full contest details are here.

Do whatever you want with this information.

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