10 Songs You've Gotta Hear This Week

Eminem dropped a new song, 'Berzerk,' which quieted Miley's MTV VMA antics, but did it make our 10?
Tracks of the Week
Tracks of the Week
By redbull.com

Eminem came back, as a long, lost member of the Beastie Boys, with his new release this week, 'Berzerk.' Straddling the vintage line between rap and rock, 'Berzerk' has sparked heavy debate. Like it or not, you'll be expected to have an opinion on this one this weekend. For that reason, it's on our list this week, along with tracks by Pusha T, Angel Haze, Wiz Khalifa, Karen O, Throwing Muses, and more. Have a nice, long, fun weekend. No matter what anyone else says, summer officially ends on September 22.

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