Video exclusive: Camo & Krooked’s Move Around

Check out the brand-new music video for the DnB duo's latest single.
© Sam Tiefenrausch
By Glen Ferris

An intoxicating combination of 70s’ Italian movie themes, classic disco and early Daft Punk, Camo & Krooked’s brand-new track, Move Around (feat Ian Shaw), somehow manages to revel in nostalgic noise while also evolving the drum n bass duo's sound.

The next single from the Vienesse DJs' fourth album, Zeitgeist, marks a new creative phase for Reini 'Camo' Rietsch and Markus 'Krooked' Wagner - one that holds true to the twosome’s roots while also pushing things forward.

“We would rather call it the link between our trademark sound and the idea we will follow in the future,” says Camo. “The whole album is a connection between our older sound and what's going to come. Move Around has a lot of fresh and organic elements to it, while it’s still a straight-up DnB tune.

"Our vision is to do more minimalistic tunes which don't really sound like usual drum n bass anymore, but still have enough elements of it to stay in the genre and create something completely new.”

Camo and Krooked
Camo and Krooked © Sam Tiefenrausch

The desire to try out new things isn’t limited to this track, however. Expect much more of the unexpected when the album is released on September 30.

"Zeitgeist is a very ambitious album. We’ve tried out unexplored ways with every tune,” says Camo. “Our sound has got way more organic and mature. We’re leaving the rave synths behind, we’re trying not to get influenced by recent trends in EDM, we’re forming our own new trademark sound."

Despite citing disco, French house, minimal techno and deep house as new influences, longtime fans need not worry that the pair have drifted too far from their history. Says Camo: “We’ve connected all these elements with drum n bass to create an unheard and exciting fusion of genres.”

Get an exclusive look at the brand-new video for Move Around in the player above.

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