Eminem 'Freaks Out' Live on ESPN

The rapper freezes while teasing the music video for 'Berzerk' during the Michigan-Notre Dame game.
Eminem © Red Bull Content Pool
By Richard S. Chang

Eminem was a guest in the commentator booth on 'ESPN Saturday Night Football' tonight, where he teased the video for 'Berzerk,' the first single off his upcoming album, 'MMLP2,' out November 5.

But the video was only part of the story.

The Detroit rapper appeared in the booth with Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit at halftime during the Michigan-Notre Dame game. Musberger actually intros the clip -- which features cameos from Rick Rubin and Kendrick Lamar -- as Eminem feigns (or seemingly feigns) an eye-bulging stare for the better part of 15 seconds.

"Live TV freaks me out," Eminem eventually says after the teaser.

The rest of the interview is awkward, unusual and funny -- or pretty much as you would expect an interview between Brent Musberger and Eminem would go. Take a look:

The full video for 'Berzerk' premieres Monday. The song will be featured as the theme for the ESPN football series from September 7 - December 7.

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