Arcade Fire to Play $9 Show at Salsa Club Tonight?

The Canadian band will play in Montreal on the same night its video debuts.
By Richard S. Chang

Arcade Fire return tonight with the premiere of their music video for 'Reflektor' and a live show at a club in Montreal.

Or will they?

Over the past several weeks, the Canadian band has presented an enigmatic narrative that began with a viral campaign. Stickers with the word 'Reflektor' appeared in August. Then came a blurry video teaser advertising a September 9 release date. The same time the teaser dropped, word came that the band had played a secret show at a club called Salsatheque in Montreal.

Now a band called The Reflektors (complete with website) is scheduled to play tonight. The posted depicts an image widely believed to be associated to the new album. The show starts at 9 p.m. (the time of the video release) and the price of entry is $9. A link on the Salsatheque site leads to the above video teaser.

The album is scheduled to drop October 29 (on Merge), so this could still be only the beginning.

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