Lose Yourself in Arcade Fire's Interactive Video

Watch the Arcade Fire video for 'Just A Reflektor,' the first single from the band's new Merge LP.
By Elliott Sharp

After much hype and speculation, the new Arcade Fire video has arrived. Directed by Vincent Morisset, the 'Just A Reflektor' interactive video follows a woman wearing very colorful clothing as she dances around and does various things in Jacmel, Haiti.

By using the mouse, mobile device or tablet, the viewer can interact by moving around a spotlight that manipulates the various colors and shapes surrounding her. Toward the end, you can control what looks like several strands of spider-webby lightning connected to the woman's body and face.

After you see your own face reflected upside down in a shattered mirror, the dancing woman goes to a street party. If you click the mouse, the words "Break Free" will pop up on the screen.

Arcade Fire's new album, which was produced by Red Bull Music Academy lecturer James Murphy, is out October 29 through Merge. Under the name the Relfektors, Arcade Fire might be playing a show tonight at a club in Montreal called Salsatheque. UPDATED: The actual (non-interactive) music video for 'Reflektor' is below:

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