Best Coast Don't Know Why The Sun's In The Sky

Listen to Best Coast's new song 'I Don't Know How' from the California band's 'Fade Away' EP.
© Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Media House
By Elliott Sharp

Best Coast has tossed down a fresh chunk of very simple and sunny pop-rock called 'I Don't Know How,' which appears on the California band's upcoming 'Fade Away' EP, out October 22 on Jewel City, the new imprint launched by frontwoman Bethany Cosentino.

On 'I Don't Know How,' Cosentino admits how she does not know various things. But one thing she does know very well is how to rhyme, and she does a whole lot of it on this '60s radio instrumental that speeds up a bit toward the end. For example: "I don't know why the sun's in the sky, for rain it falls down, down onto the ground."

Best Coast is currently in the middle of a brief US tour. It ends this weekend, on September 21, when the band plays Riot Fest in Denver alongside the Replacements, Public Enemy, and Blink 182.

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