Deftones Premiere 'Romantic Dreams' Video

Jason Park skates hard in Deftones' new video from the 'Koi No Yokan' album.
By Elliott Sharp

The new Deftones video for 'Romantic Dreams,' a song from last year's excellent 'Koi No Yokan' album, was directed by skater and filmmaker Brett Novak.

The star of 'Romantic Dreams' is skater Jason Park. On a cool night in LA, Park hits all the hot spots on some sort of stealth mission. We do not see Deftones in the clip, but you can imagine them thrashing around on some rooftop, Chino Moreno howling about neverending nights and marching into the fumes.

About the new video, Moreno said this to writer Hardeep Phull:

"When we started this record cycle, we decided that we didn’t want to make any videos whatsoever. They’re not much fun to make and they usually turn out pretty corny. But this was an idea that we were interested in because we’re all very keen skateboarders and we like the idea of marrying one of our songs to someone as talented as Jason Park."

"He’s one of the best out there," Moreno continues about Park. "He’s very technically talented and we wanted to do him justice by having the sound of him skateboarding included in the video, rather than just have our song playing. I think it’s a little more artful that way.”

Deftones is preparing to head out on the "Hail to the King" Tour with Avenged Sevenfold in support of 'Koi No Yokan.' It begins October 3 in Chicago. Check out the dates here.

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