That Time Haim Rode Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'

Yes, the Haim sisters went on BBC 1 Radio Lounge and played 'Wrecking Ball,' by Miley Cyrus.
By Elliott Sharp

Haim stopped by BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to speak about their new album -- 'Days Are Gone,' out next week through Polydor -- and to play some music. One of the songs they chose was 'Wrecking Ball,' the tune Miley Cyrus recently wrecked the world with when she rode a wrecking ball naked in the corresponding music video.

This is an interesting choice for Haim. Miley and 'Wrecking Ball' are buzzing everywhere, for better or worse, so it makes sense to hop on the ball. And the sisters, unsurprisingly, manage to make the song a lot better and more sincere and fun. Without Miley crying and swinging around with her tongue hanging out, 'Wrecking Ball' is actually a half-decent tune, right?

'Days Are Gone,' Haim's highly-anticipated debut album, is out next week. It is streaming right now in its entirety via NPR. Our early pick for the best song on the album is 'If I Could Change Your Mind.' What's yours?

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