7 Banned Music Videos That You Can Watch Now

As Britney comes under fire for dropping the B-bomb, we look at some truly controversial videos.

It’s been quite the year for provocative pop music videos. Miley’s been getting lip from Sinead O’Connor for riding a wrecking ball, Rihanna’s been on the receiving end of a fan backlash because of her smoking ‘n’ twerking antics in the 'Pour it Up' video and now Britney Spears has been banned from UK television screens for singing the word "bitch" 19 times in her clip for 'Work Bitch.'

In the mood for more illicit visual stimulation, we searched out some of the most infamous music videos ever made and discovered the kind of activities that would make a pop princess blush… Like obviously NSFW.

Duran Duran - 'Girls On Film'

Released in 1981, this satirical swipe at the mistreatment of models in the fashion industry apparently took the concept too far for the BBC and the fledgling MTV’s tastes. Eventually, an edited version comprised of edited shots and approximately no topless women parts was passed for broadcast – the video link is very much the unedited version, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Watch Duran Duran, 'Girls On Film'

Madonna - 'What It Feels Like For A Girl'

No stranger to controversy, Madge has seen her work cut, banned and shrink-wrapped in foil packaging to protect our innocent eyes. While the music videos for 'Justify my Love,' 'Erotica' and 'Girl Gone Wild' have all been banned for being too saucy, it was the Guy Ritchie-created promo for her 2001 hit that upset MTV and VH1 the most. Turns out that crime and suicide don’t go down too well with the music networks.

Watch Madonna, 'What It Feels Like For A Girl'

Foo Fighters - 'Low'

What happens when you stick Dave Grohl and Jack Black in a motel room stuffed with S&M gear and a video camera? An MTV ban obviously. Turns out that Foo Fighters’ 2003 video featuring Black on the toilet and Grohl hitching a thong a little too high was too much for TV – God knows what MTV would have made of the remaining six sex toy-heavy hours of footage Grohl reportedly recorded.

Watch Foo Fighters, 'Low'

Eminem - 'Just Lose It'

Turns out that Marshall Mathers III’s 2004 homage to Michael Jackson did not go down well with the King of Pop. Lampooning the star’s on-going molestation charges woes by writhing, sans nose, on a bed full of children was not best received. The result was a ban on Black Entertainment Television.

Watch Eminem, 'Just Lose It'

M.I.A. - 'Born Free'

Directed by Romain Gavras, this 2010 video by the 2007 RBMA lecturer, which depicted redhead genocide, incurred the wrath of YouTube. The site has subsequently acquiesced on its ban and re-posted the video as, despite the extreme violence and unsettling nudity, it has gone on encourage many user debates about racism.

Watch M.I.A., 'Born Free'

Robin Thicke - 'Blurred Lines'

The ubiquitous soundtrack to the summer of 2013 may well have gotten away with its controversial lyrics but the first video cut was outright banned by YouTube. Awash with naked models aimlessly strutting about and punctuated with balloons spelling out something flattering about Mr. Thicke's appendage. it was perhaps unsurprisingly a huge hit after its VEVO debut. The uncut version is above and it’s NSFW, very NSFW.

Watch Robin Thicke, 'Blurred Lines'

Marilyn Manson - '(s)AINT'

Manson’s 2003 shitstorm-stirring music video is a veritable checklist of naughty things. Hoovering cocaine off a Bible, indulging in S&M, self-harm and masturbation, all with a fair amount of nudity. It’s little wonder, then, that Interscope nixed the promo’s release.

A special mention, too, for Oneohtrix Point Never whose recent video for 'Still Life' (Betamale) was banned by YouTube and Vimeo. So NSFW is its fetish heavy content that we'll let you seek out the RBMA lecturer's website lest we're accused of leading anyone astray.

Watch Marilyn Manson, '(s)AINT'

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