Mac Miller Is In Love

Watch Mac Miller's new video for his incredibly romantic and heartfelt slow-jam 'Youforia.'
By Elliott Sharp

The last time we saw Mac Miller -- when he dropped his crazy trippy video for 'The Star Room' -- we were pretty sure he had lost his damn mind. The young Pittsburgh rapper seemed stressed-out and totally-zonked. Well, good news: things have changed.

In his new video for 'Youforia,' one of the most delicate and romantic moments from his 'Watching Movies With The Sound Off' album, Mac sounds like he has fallen in love. "Now when you lay in my arms," he sings, softly, caressing the keys even softer, "the pain goes away." Something happened and now Mac is head-over-heels. And we are very happy for him.

The footage in the 'Youforia' video is from Mac's recent Spaceship Migration Tour. You can see his tourmate and buddy Earl Sweatshirt running around the stage having a blast. Mac is currently touring Europe with Lil Wayne, so we can't wait to see footage from that. Check out the dates here. Stay in love, Mac!

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