Eminem Will Have No Fun On Saturday Night Live

Eminem does not seem thrilled about being the musical guest on tomorrow's Saturday Night Live.
By Elliott Sharp

Eminem has our attention. His new album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2,' drops Tuesday. It has recently leaked, but if you are not into that sort of thing, he has already shared 'Survival,' 'Berzerk,' 'The Monster' (with Rihanna), and 'Love Game' (with Kendrick Lamar). But, before the album arrives, Eminem will be the musical guest on the next 'Saturday Night Live.'

In the 'SNL' preview (watch above), Eminem is standing beside host Kerry Washington (the star of ABC's 'Scandal') and cast member Nasim Pedrad. While Washington and Pedrad talk about how much fun they are going to have, Eminem just awkwardly, grumpily stares into the camera. When Pedrad asks Eminem if he is going to have fun, he does not say anything. This is not the first time Eminem was weird on TV: Remember ESPN?

In the second preview, however, Washington gets Eminem to speak. She says they are planning to get cupcakes after the show, and that it was Eminem's idea to do so. "I love cupcakes," says Eminem. Good to know. But before Em and Kerr go out for cupcakes, Em will be performing two songs. Any guesses on which ones it will be?

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