Something for the weekend: Bishop Nehru

From rap nobody to touring with the Wu-Tang Clan and working with DOOM – meet Bishop Nehru.
Bishop Nehru
Bishop Nehru © Ryan Purcell/Red Bull Content Pool
By Chris Parkin

Even in this golden year for hip-hop, young MC Bishop Nehru is one of rap's brightest prospects. The 16-year-old rapper has already put out two thumping mix-tapes this year – Nehruvia and strictlyFLOWZ – and is currently working with DOOM after meeting the masked rap giant earlier this year while supporting Ghostface Killah. Expect to hear the fruits of their labour soon. In the meantime, Red Bull Sound Select star Bishop plays London with caps-loving artists DOOM and BADBADNOTGOOD on Saturday, November 16. Here are some of the tracks that have inspired him.

The first track that made me want to make music was…
"Pharrell's Can I Have It Like That and Jay Electronica's Exhibit C. Can I Have It Like That I heard when I was about ten and I didn't really know how to make music, but once I heard that I knew I wanted to learn to make beats. Jay Electronica’s Exhibit C I heard around 13 and that’s what made me want to pick up a pad and start writing. I looked things up online that could teach me more about what I wanted to pursue and then applied those things.”

The soundtrack to my first crush was…
"I’ve never really had a soundtrack to that yet! I just make songs to vent if anything. But I'm sure I’ll find my soundtrack someday – I hope so at least. I don’t vent all the time but when I do it’s just about anything that I think or feel. Whatever emotion I get from the beat is usually what I write about and it’s usually about something I've been through, something I'm going through or something I've seen others go through.”

My ultimate Friday night anthem is…
"Miss Erykah Badu's On And On. It's a beautiful song from the lyrics to the beat to her lovely voice. So calm and relaxing. She’s one of my favourite singers ever.”

Bishop Nehru
Bishop Nehru © Petra Valenti

My comedown classic is…
Eminem's Kim. The emotion he captures in that track is amazing, truly a masterpiece. Or Nas's Life's A Bitch. Him and AZ demolished that track. Classic beat, classic chorus, classic verses. I just like seeing people show their true emotion and I think Eminem did a perfect job with that on Kim. Life's A Bitch is more of a smooth mellow-out classic.”

My favourite unlistenable track is…
Chief Keef's Laughin' To The Bank. A lot of people say they don’t like Chief, they don’t like what he raps about or how he raps. Me, I listen to Chief Sosa all the time. Shout outs to GBE.”

The track I'd play to shock my parents is…
A$AP Rocky's Pretty Flacko or Suddenly, just because with both songs I get extremely hype. Adults wouldn't understand, but all the teens know what I'm talking about on this one, trust me. I think my parents would be shocked because of how crazy I get when they drop. They'd look at me with all eyes open!”

The track most likely to make me cry is…
"Molly Johnson's Melody. Just listen to it, that's all I can say. Everyone can relate to it, it's beautiful. Her voice and emotion is lovely over the keys. Not only the message, just everything. The vocal, the beat, the lyrics, the emotion within the vocals, the arrangements. To me that's the ideal song. Beauty at its finest.”

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