What Was Lady Gaga Wearing at her ARTPOP Party?

We're not sure, but we've nine live videos from the 'ARTPOP' launch party to figure it out.
By Richard S. Chang

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga became the latest superstar pop artist to throw an apocalyptically budgeted record release party. This one, for Gaga's new album, 'ARTPOP,' out today on Interscope, was held inside a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard big enough for a giant alabaster sculpture of Gaga by Jeff Koons and a layer cake stage, from which the Poker Face diva performed the songs from the album live for the first time.

As usual, her clothes stole the show, at least on video, which is how most of her Little Monsters (and the rest of us) watched the spectacle. Lady Gaga appeared on stage in a white costume and mask that may have been raided from the costume department for the upcoming Star Wars VII movie. With each song, Gaga stripped off a layer from the outfit until she was left in a black tank top and (maybe) yoga pants -- rather mundane for the Aphodite in a seashell bikini.

Watch the elaborate strip show below...




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