R. Kelly Now Streaming His 'Black Panties' Album

Kellz is back and nastier than ever on new album 'Black Panties.' Listen to it right now.
R Kelly
R Kelly © Courtesy Randee St. Nicholas/RCA Records
By Elliott Sharp

R. Kelly has been keeping it clean. His two recent albums, 'Love Letter' and 'Write Me Back,' have both been surprisingly tame throwback soul trips about love and letters and love letters.

But we all know Kellz has a nasty side: see his amazingly dirty double LP 'Double Up.' And this nasty side has been popping up again recently, for instance on Kelly's collaboration with Lady Gaga, 'Do What U Want,' and the pair's confoundingly presidential performance at the American Music Awards.

Lucky for us, on his new album, 'Black Panties,' R. Kelly is back and he is nastier than ever. And there are tons of excellently selected guest appeareances by the likes of Jeezy, Future, Migos, Juicy J, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, and Kelly Rowland. It officially drops on December 10, but you can stream the whole thing below.

Kelly "lick(s) the middle like an Oreo" on 'Cookie,' in which he refers to himself as a "cookie monster." He has crazy sex on 'Crazy Sex.' He leaves the lights on on 'Lights On.' And, if you want to know what happens during 'Every Position,' you'll have to listen for yourself. Welcome back, Kellz! And please announce the Black Panties Tour soon, okay?

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