Jon Hopkins' New 'Collider' Video Is Terrifying

The Coldplay collaborator's video from his Mercury Prize nominated 'Immunity' LP is pure panic.
© Ryan Collerd/Red Bull
By Elliott Sharp

Jon Hopkins, the British electronic musician who we just named one of the 20 Breakthrough Artists of 2013, wowed us and many others with his excellent album, 'Immunity.' It was nominated for a Mercury Prize, but it ultimately lost to James Blake's 'Overgrown.' We spent some time with Hopkins over the summer, and we wrote all about it in 'The Big Story: One Fast Day With Jon Hopkins.'

Today, Hopkins released a video (above) for 'Collider,' one of the standout tracks on 'Immunity.' It is a truly frightening experience. The clip follows a young woman who literally collides into everything around her. She seems possessed. She manically thrashes and crazily dances and acts exactly the way you would expect a collider to act.

It is a beautifully made but super dark, panic-attack-of-a-video. That seems appropriate, though, since 'Collider' is one of the darkest, most panicked moments of 'Immunity.' When we spoke with Jon this summer, this is what he said about the tune: "It sounds like the end of the world to me." We agree.

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