Red Bull Studio spotlight: When Oddisee met Estere

See what happened when the NYC rapper took the Wellington singer under his wing in New Zealand.
Oddisee and Estere at Red Bull Studios Auckland
Oddisee and Estere at Red Bull Studios Auckland © Red Bull Studios Auckland
By Glen Ferris

A confirmed lover of travel, new experiences, and, of course, music, it’s little wonder that New York City-based MC and producer Oddisee signed up for the Red Bull Prodigy project.

The musical mentoring initiative saw the artist also known as Amir Mohamed el Khalifa leaving the Big Apple behind to work in the state-of-the-art Red Bull Studio facilities in Auckland, New Zealand. There he joined forces with up-and-coming soulful vocalist Estere.

“It was important to be as open to collaboration and influence as possible,” says Oddisee of his approach to the project. “To know that I have a particular skillset and she has a particular skillset; and when we combine them the result is exactly what the music should be.”

For Estere, who is more used to producing music at home on her own, the chance to tap into Oddisee’s wealth of studio experience was too good to pass up.

“This is a big opportunity for me,” she says. “If you work by yourself, I think you can become a bit precious about your own ideas. Having someone there who’s really skilled to bounce ideas off is priceless.”

After just five days working together, Oddisee and Estere have laid down four new tracks with plans for more as the project rolls on.

“We’ve been moving a mile-a-minute and the first day we worked together already seems like so long ago,” says Oddisee. “We’ve just wanted to explore the possibilities of collaboration and we’ve managed to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.”

Check out the results of their alliance in the video player below...

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