Heroes x Villains - 'Chapel' EP Premiere

Heroes x Villains
© Ian Witlen/Red Bull Content Pool

Four pounding new tracks, fresh from Art Basel Miami Beach.

Art Basel Miami Beach, which ended Sunday (or more likely, the small hours of Monday morning), can always be counted on to connect creative forces from different artistic realms. One of the most exciting collaborations this year came from Heroes x Villains, who teamed with the creative group FRESH.i.AM to premiere Chapel, an audio-visual installation piece.

"Chapel’s purpose is to create a neo-modern take on the value-relation of products and mans relationship to products," said FRESH.i.AM, which also developed a small fashion line to mark the occasion. "We’ve teamed with [Heroes x Villains] and visual effects studio Goma to create a one of a kind light and video production."

For Chapel, Heores x Villains created four pounding tracks, which will be released next week as the 'Chapel' EP. But before then, we've got the EP for you to stream here and now. And if you've got a bit of the Monday blues, these tracks will wake you up.

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