Sundance: 12 Music Movies We Want to See Right Now

Electric Daisy Carnival, Nick Cave, Fela Kuti and (would you believe) even a movie about Brooklyn.

Under An Electric Sky
Under An Electric Sky© Jason "Ohdagyo" Fenmore

Among the dozens of movies and shorts being screened at the Sundance Film Festival, which runs January 16-26, are more than a dozen about music. And they're about as diverse as you can get, ranging from a sort-of documentary about Nick Cave to a coming-of-age indie-pop musical by Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch to a drama set in Memphis starring Willis Earl Beal. Here are the ones we wish we could see right now.

1. '20,000 Days On Earth'

Elevator pitch: '20,000 Days On Earth' is a sort-of documentary on Nick Cave, exploring the musician's creative process while staging a narrative around his 20,000 days on the planet. As with anything Nick Cave, it's unpredictable and intriguing.

20,000 Days on Earth
20,000 Days on Earth© Amelia Troubridge

2. 'God Help The Girl'

Elevator pitch: Stuart Murdoch, the frontman and songwriter for Belle & Sebastian, directed this coming of age movie, which is being billed as a sort of indie-pop musical. The project began as a suite of songs that over time (nearly 10 years) Murdoch shaped into 'God Help The Girl.'

God Help The Girl
God Help The Girl© Neil Davidson

3. 'Finding Fela'

Elevator pitch: A documentary directed by Academy Award winner Alex Gibney on the great African Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. Needless to say, this is long time coming.

Finding Fela
Finding Fela© Stein Kertechian

4. 'Frank'

Elevator pitch: Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) plays an enigmatic frontman for a pop band who wears a giant cartoon head all the time. The other main member of the band? Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Frank© Lorey Sebastian

5. 'Low Down'

Elevator pitch: A drama based on the life of troubled jazz musician Joe Albany, who played with jazz legends Charlie Parker and Miles Davis but was also struggled with heroin addiction, often living as a recluse in Europe.

Low Down
Low Down© Low Down Productions

6. 'Memphis'

Elevator pitch: Film set in Memphis about a mysterious soul singer, played by Willis Earl Beal -- with a soundtrack by Willis Earl Beal, which is really all we need to know.

© Chris Dapkins

7. 'Under the Electric Sky'

Elevator pitch: Documentary of the Electric Daisy Carnival that follows festival goers to the 2013 event in Las Vegas. Did we mention it was shot in 3D? Sounds like a beautiful cross between 'Woodstock' and 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.' The premiere party should be epic.

Under The Electric Sky
Under The Electric Sky© Jason "Ohdagyo" Fenmore

8. 'Rudderless'

Elevator pitch: This is another chance to see Billy Crudup play a musician (though probably not a golden god) in this drama directed by William H. Macy about a father and son who bond through music. Selena Gomez also makes an appearance.

Rudderless© J.R. Cooke

9. 'Alive Inside: A Story Of Music & Memory'

Elevator pitch: Director Michael Rossato-Bennett follows dementia patients for three years in this documentary about how music can help reawaken long lost memories and experiences in eldery people.

Alive Inside
Alive Inside© Eyeball NYC

10. 'My Prairie Home'

Elevator pitch: Documentary that follows Rae Spoon, a transgender singer, over the course of a short, low-budget tour across Canada.

11. 'Song One'

Elevator pitch: An Anne Hathaway drama set in the Brooklyn music world. Moving on...

Song One
Song One© John Guleserian

12. 'Whiplash'

Elevator pitch: A drama about a 19-year-old drummer who goes through the rigors of a highly competitive music school in Manhattan. Honestly, we're just curious if a director can sustain a music-school drama for 105 minutes.

Whiplash© Daniel McFadden

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